Winning Competition Entry for
Big O, Yeosu Exposition 2012
Announcement on December 28, 2009

NY Projects recently teamed with CA Plan, an architecture and design practice in Seoul, Korea, by collaborating on the design and vision of the Yeosu Expo 2012 competition for the “Big O” port proposal. We have been chosen as one of the top 5 entries.

In concourse with the global shift in eco-awareness and the theme of the world expo, this proposal aims to creatively revive the ocean and coast that has been heavily damaged and deteriorated through industrialization by presenting the future direction of mankind’s balance between nature and the built environment.

The design concept stems from the amalgamation of physical and virtual environments creating an ecological theme park with converging levels of Biotopes over land, water and the coastline. Biotope is a compound word which derives from the Greek words “bio”, a living thing, and “topos” which means place. The word also means “natural inhabitant” when translated from German. Biotope spatially consists of a Core Zone, Buffer Corridor and Transition Zone. This proposal highlights what would be the first underwater Ferris wheel in the world, providing Yeosu with an internationally significant, architecturally iconic achievement.