Seoul Collection Tea Service
Seoul Design Olympiad 2009
October 9 – October 29, 2009
Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, Korea

Inspired by the ancient traditions of Korean culture and lifestyle, the tea service designed by Zaha Hadid Architects has re-interpreted the components and cermonial aspects inherent to Korea's way of life throughout history into a fluid, seamless vision of the future both through material and form utilizing digital design and fabrication processes to realize their transformation.

The set is encased in a carbon fiber molded outer shell and lid which act as the protective case for the delicate ceramic components within while simultaneously performing the role of a service tray once the lid is removed. The delicate components consist of tea kettle, 4-6 tea cups, milk and sugar containers as well as several serving spoons.

Zaha Hadid's Tea Service proudly represents the first of many future pieces to be designed for and included in the Seoul Collection : A collection of Design Art/Furniture, Architectural Products and Lifestyle Objects inspired by the city of Seoul's commitment to the advancement of architecture and design.