Yung Hee Kim Published in Art+Auction for Seoul Collection
Art+Auction Magazine, New York
November, 2016
Art+Auction Magazine

“I knew Zaha Hadid well and collaborated with her on several occasions. Our first meeting was arranged by Zaha's longtime partner, Patrik Schumacher, and I was in awe of the works shown at her 2006 Guggenheim Museum retrospective in New York. We soon developed a close relationship through our collaboration on ‘Total Fluidity,’ an exhibition for the Seoul Design Olympiad in 2008. … I dreamed of the day I'd collaborate with Zaha directly, and told her so early in our correspondence. That day came in 2007, when we began work under my production company, NY Projects, on what became the Seoul Collection, a series of original works and prototypes Zaha created to commemorate Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul's design museum, on which her firm worked until its completion in 2013. Our first editions, unveiled in mid 2009 at Design Miami/Basel and in Dongdaemun Design Park, included a teardrop-shaped marble fireplaces, the superlight carbon-fiber Seoul Table and Seoul Desk, and a futuristic, biomorphic tea set.”
Excerpted from Blouin Art+Auction, November 2016, Courtesy BlouinArtinfo Corp.

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