Seoul Table
Zaha Hadid Architects

The Seoul Collection consists of experimental design-art as exemplified by the Seoul Table and Seoul Desk.

The experimental designs for both the desk and the table utilize the techniques of surface folding, modulation, organic inter-articulation and smooth transitioning between parts. To embody these nature-like forms in the Seoul Collection, the power of complex geometries and digital simulations are being employed.

The Seoul Table explores the movement between the horizontal to the vertical by unifying its structural elements into one formation. The original idea is the principle of developing the legs from the table top surface through a cut and fold surface. The resulting void in the table top surface reveals the move and allows the eye to trace the legs' transition from surface to structure.

The combination of carbon fiber technology with a morphology of organic complexity allows to achieve a super-thin, super-light, and super-robust creature.

Material: Carbon Fiber
Dimension: 4.2m L x 0.74m H x 1.18m W
34.50” x 165.35” x 47.24”